Get Ready, Get Set, LEAD!

Why MSU?

Mississippi State boasts 10 years experience in operating a distance program

I chose MSU's Distance MBA program because it was the right program for me.  I compared many distant learning MBA programs across the United States.  MSU's MBA program offered the best value out of all of them, and their website gave me the information that I needed to know. - David Laundre, MSU Distance MBA Student

I selected MSU's Distance MBA program because I noticed the tremendous impact it had on fellow colleagues who had finished the program and I wanted to feel that same pride and enthusiasm. - Hans Palacio, MSU Distance MBA

Over 250 students have graduated from this fully-online distance program

The reason I chose MSU Distance MBA program was the fact that it was the most well known program between Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  I knew that my work and current location would not allow me to physically attend classes.  After viewing my available options, MSU seemed to be the best choice.   - Nathan Furlow, MSU Distance MBA Graduate

Professional and regional accreditation 

I would recommend the MSU Distance MBA program to anybody who wants to continue their education at their own pace completely from home, while getting a great buy from an accredited college. - Kendon Thomas, MSU Distance MBA Student

Best Buy from a recognizable university

The program has been both meaningful and challenging, and I will definitely be proud to have completed it successfully.  Looking back, I could've chosen several small name, primarily online-only Masters programs that would've checked the box that I needed for the AF, but I'm glad I chose MSU and am proud to be a part of a big-name, accredited, SEC University. - Michael Maddox, MSU Distance MBA Graduate

The same great faculty teaches our distance classes as our campus program

If I had to choose one word that best describes my experience in the Distance MBA program it would be: Dynamic. I say this because the articles that each professor assigns always force you to rethink preconceived notions of doing business.  - Joshua Bibb, MSU Distance MBA Graduate

The best part of the MSU Distance MBA program was...the professors. Distance education is not easy, however the professors designed classes with that in mind and were willing to work with students when situations warranted. - Nate Johnson, MSU Distance MBA Student

Flexibility to enroll any semester

The Distance MBA program offers me the opportunity to obtain my graduate degree from Mississippi State University while allowing me to meet my commitments to my family and my career. - Nicolas Marks, MSU Distance MBA student

 After much research on other programs around the area and I found that MSU offered the best program with flexibility where I could continue working while working on my MBA. - Cecilia Brooks, MSU Distance MBA Student

Choose your course load - take 2 years or up to 8 years to complete

The flexibility of attending classes remotely affords many students the opportunity to gain a 'best value' education without having to relocate families or give up careers. I have found my experience to be a true example of a 'win-win' situation - pursuing a great MBA education without having to relocate. - Derek Brown, MSU Distance Student

Most courses offered in 8-week terms and 2-3 times per year 

The best part of the MSU Distance MBA program is the flexibility to complete my coursework when it is convenient for my schedule. - Zachary Hutchinson, MSU Distance MBA student

Personal touch - personal assistance offered from admission through graduation

If I had to sum up my experience in the MSU MBA Program in one word, I would have to be "fulfilling". My experience so far is that the staff and administration and MSU really want the candidates to succeed, and go out of their way to make that happen. - Buddy Lowery, MSU Distance MBA Student