Get Ready, Get Set, LEAD!


For successful completion of the MSU Distance Education MBA program we recommend that students have Internet access via DSL or equivalent broadband connectivity.

Traditional dial-up Internet services do not provide adequate support to the many technologies used within the program.

The following software and procedures are necessary for the courses to run smoothly, please complete the following:

  1. Download the latest version of Acrobat Reader. Acrobat
  2. Download or upgrade to the latest version of Java.Java
  3. Download Macromedia Flash Player. Flash
  4. Download Quicktime Player. Quicktime
  5. Configuring Your Computer for myCourses - Additionally, some instructors may require the purchase of specific technologies. Check the course syllabus for specific requirements.

To access your course please log into myCourses at

DO NOT put the www in the address the site will not work if you do.

Browser Support for Blackboard Learn

Listed here are the supported operating systems and browsers for use with Blackboard Learning System, also known as SP 11. The Learning Sysytem is a Web-based application, therefore, other browsers and operating systems may work well, however, the listed configurations are the only configurations that are tested and supported by Blackboard.

Pop-up Blockers

Your pop-up blockers must be turned off when using myCourses. You will receive an error message every time you log in if your computers pop-up blockers are not disengaged.

Check browser Function within myCourses

After you have checked the above information you should also double check with the myCourses program to make sure your settings are correct. Log on to myCourses and click the browser test.

Browser Test

Clicking on this will check your browser for all important settings and also provide you change options. You must have a GREEN check on each item listed below BEFORE beginning your course.

Browser Test Results