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Course Rotation

Check the Available Courses page for a list of current offerings. For an example of the normal course rotation, please select the links to previous semesters. These are subject to change, but in general, all the core MBA classes except ACC 8112 are offered every semester. ACC 8112 is not offered in the summer.

Each elective is offered one time per year. The Industrial Engineering  (IE) courses required for the MBA in Project Management are offered one time per year. Survey and undergrad courses are offered 2-3 times per year, with the exception of Survey of Management, which is only offered in the Spring. If a class is not offered during its usual rotation semester, every effort will be made to offer that class the following semester. We reserve the right to make changes to the schedule as needed due to faculty availability.

When planning your course of study, progress through the core courses in sequence as much as possible, leaving the Strategic Business Consulting Project for your last semester. It will take four to five semesters to complete the program online if you take three to four courses per semester. Many courses are eight week courses, allowing you to take four courses per semester, two per eight week term, or combine one full term course with two eight week courses and complete three courses per term.

Contact Cindy Smith, Director Distance Learning and Executive Education, College of Business, for academic advising. Please request a Program of Study audit prior to your last semester in the program, and before enrolling in the Strategic Business Consulting Project.