Get Ready, Get Set, LEAD!


Preregistration Steps:

After you have received your notice that you have been accepted, you will need to register for classes. If you need academic advising or transcript evaluation in order to decide which courses to take, contact Cindy Smith,

Check out the listing of Available Courses on our website here and write down the course symbol (i.e. MGT) and number (i.e. 8112) you want to take, as well as the appropriate section number. 

Register online:

Classified MBA and MBA-PM students can register online (or drop classes) at Banner Web by following these instructions:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event that you do not remember your NetPassword, you will need to contact the (ITS) Information Technology Services department and get your password reset.  Please contact ITS by phone at 662-325-0631 or their webpage at  The next time you use the system, you will need to go to the above address to setup a new NetPassword.

  • Once your have entered your NetID & NetPassword, Click on Login.
  • Click on the gray Banner tab at the top of the screen.
  • Under the Registration column click Register for Classes.
  • Select Spring 2011 as the term and click the Submit Term button.
  • The first time you access Spring 2011 registration, you will be prompted to enter your Registration Access Code (RAC), which is found in the upper right corner of the enclosed BLUE Student Enrollment Agreement mailed to you after admission.  Any access after the initial time, the system will ask you to enter only your NetID and NetPassword. 


Once you have registered, here's how to get started with your class.

Go directly to myCourses. Log in with your NetID and NetPassword. If you are a new student your current courses appear.  If you are a returning student your current courses will be listed with courses from previous semesters.  Click on the name of the appropriate course to access the course you wish to view.   These sites are uploaded only a few days before start of term. If there is no site available, be patient. If there is no site available the day before classes start, contact Hope Durst, Some professors will use other course delivery options but should provide a link to an alternate website or instructions for starting the class.

Order your textbook. Visit the Available Courses page at our Distance MBA website to see if books are required for the course, or go directly to the bookstore at