Get Ready, Get Set, LEAD!

Master of Business Administration

The mission of the MBA program is to prepare students to compete successfully in the continuously changing global business environment by:

  • expanding students' understanding of the conceptual realm of business
  • nurturing critical analytical skills
  • strengthening communication skills
  • helping students to make sound business decisions.

The program includes a solid core of 21 hours in the areas of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Management and Information Systems; two three-hour electives; and a capstone Business Consulting Project in which students apply what they have learned to a current business problem. Instructors in each of these courses have integrated teaching methods and course content to help students achieve the four broad objectives shown above.

Students may enter any semester (fall, spring, or summer). Students who have completed all undergraduate pre-requisites can finish the program in eighteen months to two years.

Course Code Title
MGT 8112 Leadership Skills for Management Behavior
MGT 8111 Human Resource Issues
MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
EC  8103 Economics for Managers
FIN 8113 Corporate Finance
ACC 8112 Financial & Accounting Report Analysis
BIS 8112 Management Information Technology & Systems
BL 8112 Law, Ethics, and Dispute Resolution
BQA 8233 Quant Analysis & Bus Research
MGT 8123 Strategic Business Consulting
3 Hr-Elective  
3 Hr-Elective  

Prerequisite courses are offered online to meet the requirements for those who did not complete the foundation courses (with an A or B) during undergraduate degrees in business.

Course Code Title
ACC 2013 Financial Accounting (not online)
or ACC 2203 Survey of Accounting (online SU, FA)
BQA 2113/3123 Business Statistical Methods I & II (not online)
or BQA 8443 Stat. Analysis for Bus Dec (online FA, SP)
MGT 3113/3413 Principles of Management & Production Management (not online)
or MGT 3114 Principles of Management & Production (not online)
or MGT 8063 Survey of Management (online SP or SU)
FIN 3123 Financial Management (online SU, FA, SP)