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Program Questions:

Is the program totally online? Yes, the program is available completely online. You do not need to visit campus for any part of the program.

Is there a campus residency requirement? No, there is no campus residency requirement.

Does the degree state distance or online? No. Your degree will look and read the same as main campus students’ degrees.

How long does it take to complete the program? The average time to complete the program for working professionals is two years.

How long will it take me to complete the program if I take one class a semester? It would take you about 5 years to complete the program. You are allowed 8 years to complete the program. We recommend that students begin with no more than two classes per eight week term.

Where can I find information about adding or dropping a course, withdrawing, proctors, etc.?  You can find this information on our forms page by selecting the Forms link in the menu above or clicking here for forms.

How do I obtain more details about specific degree opportunities in the College of Business Distance Learning Program?  Visit the Distance Business portal to discover all distance degree opportunities in the College of Business. After reviewing this information, contact Hope Durst at or 662-325-0658.

How do I register for distance learning courses? You can register online by going to and selecting the Banner tab, and then the Registration column. If you have difficulty registering, or if the course is full and you would like to be added to a waiting list, use the registration assistance form available on the web site. Once completed, the registration form should be faxed to Angella Baker at 662-325-8161. For additional registration questions, please contact Hope Durst at or 662-325-0658.

How do I obtain a listing of future courses in my chosen program of study? For a general list of when courses are offered, view the Course Rotation or contact Hope Durst for more information.

Admission Questions

If I have a lot of work experience, do I have to take the GMAT? Yes, all prospective students applying for classified admission must take the GMAT or send an official GMAT score taken within the last five years.

Can I apply after the deadline? Contact Hope by email to see if space is available.

Do you accept the GRE? Yes. We accept competetive GRE scores.

Have I been admitted? Check your admission status by contacting Graduate Studies in Business at

Who do I contact about my application status? Contact Kathy Griffin at the Office of the Graduate School at .

How do I apply to Graduate School at Mississippi State University? To apply to Graduate School at MSU go to Please remember it takes approximately three weeks for an official GMAT score to be sent to the university.  It may take the college granting your undergraduate degree up to three weeks to send a sealed transcript.  Please allow for this during your application process.

I'm not sure if I have registered.
See for more details about registration. Contact Hope Durst at for questions about your registration status.

Tuition & Fees Questions

I am an out-of-state student. Do I have to pay out-of-state tuition for the College of Business Distance Learning Program? No. Although out-of-state tuition does not apply, students will be charged a distance fee in addition to a $60 application fee for graduate school.

I have not received my bill for tuition. What should I do?
Please note that Mississippi State University does not mail out student account statements. To view your billing statement, navigate to the MSU myState web page at, enter your NetID and NetPassword, select the Banner tab, look under the Personal Information column on the right-hand side, then select VIEW YOUR BILLING STATEMENT.

If you have questions concerning your billing statement, please contact Students Account Services at (662) 325-2071 or Specific information regarding payment deadlines and services charges is available on the MSU Student Account Services page at

Is the total payment due at the beginning of the semester? 
Specific information regarding payment deadlines and services charges is available on the MSU Student Account Services page at

Technology Questions

How do I access courses on the web? Mississippi State University uses myCourses for placing course content on the web.  Access can be gained at This will link you to a secure site asking for you NetID and NetPassword.

How do I access my course in myCourses? By following the instructions above, you should have no problems getting logged onto the myCourses site and beginning your classes.

Why doesn’t my course show up in myCourses?  If it is only a day or two before classes start and your course is still not available, contact Hope Durst at

What is my NetID? Your NetID is a series of two to three initials and two to three numbers (for example: aaa11), which identify you in the university’s Banner System.  To find your NetID, visit

I have forgotten my NetPassword/How do I find out my Net Password?   Please visit